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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Traditions

I've been thinking alot about Christmas traditions and the kids. At first thought I would say we don't have any. But this is as we come back from picking and cutting down our Christmas tree. Something we've been doing since I was a child and something we did the first year with Katheryn.

Last year was a complete Christmas write off. We did not have a Christmas tree, we hardly decorated for Christmas. Nick turned 6 weeks old at Christmas, we had spent 2 weeks and 4 days at the hospital, we had nurses and all kinds of people coming to the house. I just didn't have time or energy to do Christmas. AND we already knew we were staying at my in laws over Christmas. So last year we really didn't have any traditions. And the year before that was Katheryn's first Christmas. Hard to believe.

So here is our first Christmas tradition...
Getting the tree.

So when you go to get a Christmas tree, it is important to dress for the occasion...

First we have to get warm, and cute

Then out comes the sled (snow is not necessary - as we found out). 

Katheryn is all ready to fill in as a sled puller!

And we are on our way!

Then we find a tree we like. Or a couple of different trees we like!

Katheryn found one she likes!

And the decision is made...
Katheryn is ready to help!

 (note the keys in the grass! Luckily we did too!)

 Katheryn did find the only patch of snow in the whole place! 

We are ready to go!

Katheryn's turn to be pulled!

 This tree hunting business is tiring!

 A great way to get ready for Christmas!

Thanks to my parents for coming and help with the kiddie wrangling!

So we do have some Christmas traditions, but I think we are still in the rookie period.


  1. LOL! You have tons of time to make traditions. And not having any traditions is sort of a tradition too. ;) Bet you have snow now! Or is that just us? We have about 3 feet, easily. Blah.

  2. No we got about 5cm of snow last week - not really all that much added on this weekend. Not like you guys!