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Friday, November 12, 2010

We are almost there

Today is the last day I can say that Nickolas is "almost one year old". As of tomorrow, I will have a 1 year old!
Somehow my baby went from this...
seconds old

and this...
minutes old

a day old

A couple days old 

 To this big boy!

I cannot believe how much I have grown in this past year. Yes I said how much I have grown. I went from someone who could not see the future without worrying. I was only able to see until Nickolas was born and not beyond that. I cannot believe all of what I was missing, all of what my fear kept me from seeing.
One year ago I had only fear and maybe's and unknowns. Once Nickolas was born, and once I was able to see him (a time that stretched over 5 days - thanks H1N1), everything fell into place. I did not have a limit of the time I could look in the future. I can think about the child and the teenager and the adult that he will grow into.

So we are almost there. Almost at the one year mark. When my baby stops being a baby and becomes a toddler? (I don't know, I think he's still my baby).
We are having a big party tomorrow, so I should really stop blogging and work more on cleaning the house!
Can't wait for the party tomorrow - pictures will follow!


  1. Happy Birthday Nickolas!!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful day celebrating :)

  2. First things first...Happy Birthday Nickolas. Second, I love the lightning bolt! Too funny. Every time I look at Nickolas, I see Caleb when he was that age...they look so much alike to me.

  3. LOL! The lightning bolt made me laugh as well! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKOLAS!!! I can't believe he's ONE!! (well, tomorrow!) How did this year go by so quickly? Our babies are growing too fast! Oh, sweet little boy. Amazing what can happen in one year. Have a fabulous party tomorrow!

  4. Happy birthday Nickolas! We hope your day is super GREAT!