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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mommy the Educator

I find myself in a great position to get some valuable information out about spina bifida.
And I LOVE it!

I just returned to work last week, I work as an obstetrical nurse in a labour and delivery unit. Being back at work I have everyone asking me how Nickolas is doing. I wanted to be able to say more than just "great". Which he is donig. Every milestone is dependant on walking that I wanted to be really sure that I didn't talk about what he wasn't doing. Nickolas was very nice and started to army crawl, so I could talk about what he was doing.
I had a couple of people (who didn't know about the SB) ask if he was walking yet. "No, not yet, it'll still be a while, he was born with spina bifida". Then I get the sad face, and 'I'm sorry', I am much more able to say "Don't be, he is such a happy baby he doesn't care if he has spina bifida." And Nickolas will walk, just not yet.

A couple of times I find myself educating other health professionals. And having them learn something. I only hope that the next time any of the obstetricians I work with have someone who's baby is diagnosed with spina bifida they will think of Nickolas while they give out their predictions about quality of life.

But I've had other opportunities to educate as well.
I got to speak at a college to a group of PSW and RPN's about our life with spina bifida. I explained about spina bifida and all of the stuff that goes with it. Most of the material I got from my other blog http://www.aboutspinabifida.blogspot.com/ and then just talked about it. About our life and how things were, our day to day, the fact that Nickolas has all of these diagnosis' but he is still healthy and our lives have changed but not drastically.
Everyone was very interested (of course - attendance was mandatory) and they asked alot of questions. I was very happy that I had the opportunity. AND we all wore our REDEFINING SPINA BIFIDA shirts.

They also got the see the kids in action. The good thing about being a guest speaker is that certain things are overlooked. Like having a 2 year old running around the classroom, and doing half of the class with a 1 year old in your arms. But this is my life, hectic but enjoying ourselves.

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