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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Returning step...

Going back to work.
This is another big change that is going to happen next week. Yes I'm leaving my baby (ies) in the care of someone else. Losing that bit of control, over making sure that everything is how I want it.
This is a big step, and it isn't. Technically it has already happened. I went for a training session at work (we went from completely paper to computer charting since I've been on maternity leave). Nick spent the whole day at daycare - with Katheryn - and everything went great!
In Canada we get 1 year of maternity leave. If you had asked me what my plans were during various times in the last 12 months I would have given you completely different answers. Full time, part time, casual, not at all...
I think I settled for the best of all worlds, I am part time - job share. So I have a consistent schedule, but only half the hours. I am also able to get consistent days of the week off (for physio mostly) and still make money to pay the bills.

So... big breath ... I am entering the workforce again.
The kids don't mind at all. Katheryn absolutely loves daycare - and Nick loves being with her. And all the kids they interact with is fantastic. 
I am not actually that upset about going back to work. I miss the adult conversation and do not want Nickolas to be too attached to me. But I do want that when I walk in the door after a long 12 hours on the job.

So we'll have to see how that returning step goes, and hopefully I won't fall flat on my butt! 
Catching a baby - It's like riding a bike right?!

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  1. OH!!!! My heart just jumped at the thought of returning to work. Job share sounds perfect. I would love it if I got something like that. Eventually. Some day ;)