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Friday, November 19, 2010

When mom's away...

I returned to work this week. To celebrate mommy's return to the workforce, Nickolas decided to accomplish some work of his own!
Army crawling!!!

Way to go Nick!
(you don't have to listen - it's just background talking in the video)
So I stay home with him for the whole year! Then the one day I'm not there! BANG! What a show-off! At least I don't have any concerns about him adjusting! I adjusted very well also. Back to 12 hour shifts and commuting (yuck!), but also to being a nurse and having co-workers, adult time and some outside responsibility. It helps that I love what I do - labour and delivery. I can also appreciate the time I have at home more.

To top off our busy week, yesterday I went to the college and talked to 2 classes of PSW students about our life with spina bifida. Complete with a little education, alot of personal experiences, 2 children who were there in person and lots of pictures. I took alot of info from my education modules that I did in June (spina bifida awareness month in Canada and moved to a separate blog) I think it was a very good success.

Our Redefining spina bifida t-shirts came in, and that was what Nickolas, Katheryn and I wore to the class. When we are talking about spina bifida and how we coped and went through so far in our journey I don't know what is more fitting than:


  1. GO NICKOLAS!!!!! Look at his moves!! That is SO AWESOME!