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Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Family Day!

Nick decided to show off after dinner today!
Instead of putting him in his standing frame I decided to try something different.

So I set him up beside the couch, put his AFOs and shoes on, supported his ankles and hips and bum and let him play.
I wasn't quite sure what he would do.

But he did it! He pulled himself up and stood there! It took me a couple of tries to see if I could let go. But I finally did, to see what he could do... and TADA!!! That is ALL NICK! Mommy strings are cut!
He was so happy with himself! Of course I yelled for Kyle and he grabbed the camera! He kept doing it over and over again, standing for about 20 seconds and then would sit back down. Then up again!

This is all from a little boy who was so sick and stuffy and leaking and feeling awful this morning! What would he be doing if he was in top form the last couple of weeks!

In Canada/Ontario today is Family Day. A holiday to enjoy with your family. The day did not go at all as I had planned because everyone was too sick to go out.
I think I'll say it went SO MUCH BETTER!


  1. First I love that Canada has a "family day"! And Woo Hoo!! for Nickolas! That is so exciting. I see big things in the future!

  2. LOOK at the proud grin on his face!!! PRICELESS!!! Could you explode with pride or what? I'm all teary over here I'm so excited for him! GO NICKOLAS!!!!!

  3. hooray hooray hooray!!!!! oh so proud of you little man!!

  4. Go Team Nick!!!!! What a little rock star :)

    A contry that HONORS the importance of FAMILY???? YES! I like it :)

  5. Woo-hoo!!! That's SO fabulous! And look at his grin of sheer pride! :) Love it! And what a fabulous idea for a holiday - Family Day! We need that. I think I'll start it here in Georgia. ;)

  6. Way to go nickolas! That is so amazing to see! And look at that smile, it would light up a room. He looks so proud of himself and so he should be. I bet your so proud of him too! I wish we had a family day over here!

  7. Love the standing!!!! And the family day idea. We need that in US for sure.