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Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Back...

That feeling. You know the one. Where things are just right. You smile a little wider, you stand a little taller and you see the world a little brighter.

I'm not really sure why this feeling appeared. I didn't quite know that it was gone, but with the stress of the shunt, the continuous snotty noses and coughs, not sleeping and always having a messy house got the best of me for a good 6 weeks or so. But not today.

Today things are good, things are happy.

We had a very good physio appointment. Probably the major impact on my mood. I was feeling so lost about physio, about development, about where we were. I felt that we weren't moving forward but just stuck. And today I got to see the most amazing thing.

I got to see my baby boy on his feet, hands out, feet moving - towards me. Kim (the PT at Bloorview) was walking behind him, holding his chest and helping his feet move. BUT there he was. Something he was not able to do before the standing frame, gaining strength and getting a new angle on the world!
 [Of course I never thought to bring my camera]

But that's not all. Nick is ready to show off his new tricks!

Nick has started to fully feed himself! For a while we've been able to put finger food down for him, and he'll pick things up and put them in his mouth. But he just couldn't get his head (actually his mouth) around the idea of the spoon in his hand. But as you can see, he's got it!
He even took my spoon so he could do it all himself!
What a big boy!


We've been trying to get ideas of stuff he can do when he's standing. We've graduated up to 1 hour, twice a day. And he wants to grab more stuff. His FAVORITE thing to do is put everything in a basket. Doesn't matter what it is - it goes in the basket. Which is great when we are trying to clean up.
And he's piling blocks together and putting rings on a stick (or whatever that plastic thing is). Nick is hilarious - he does all this stuff and then clasps his hands together and is sooo proud of himself. Then looks at you for the appropriate appreciation of his work.

Another thing that Nick is busy showing off...
His whine. Moooommmmmy, it's tooooo far, I caaaan't reach iiiiit. Muuuuuummmmmmmy, can you pass me that cracker, pleeeeaaaase. (Paraphrasing of course).

I'm taking this new stage as a developmental thing. He realizes that he can impact my actions, and if he sits and 'looks pretty' or at least 'looks pretty pathetic' I'll get him whatever he wants.
OK I will admit that I tend to get things for him. But now that I realize he is doing this (I wonder how long  he has been doing this), it is time for him to get down to work!

AND I saved the best for last!
The 'walking' was pretty great, but this is all Nick. This is Nick doing all the work and just using mommy as a little support and encouragement. (Call it the mommy-crutch). Are you ready?

Did you see it?
He's standing! He's pulling himself up on me - but that is weight on those legs of his!
And not only is he doing it once - but over and over again! So that I was able to take a bunch of pictures while trying to hold the camera steady and get the gist of what was doing on.

And we start physio again in a couple of week, we have our workshop for speech therapy over the next month, we got all checked out from neurosurgery.

Nick is happy and healthy and things are going great. Katheryn is really talking up a storm. I am taking control of some aspects of myself that I've been effectively ignoring for the last couple of years (read: weight). And Kyle and I are on the same page for so many things lately. So that feeling that things are right in the world, it's back!


  1. Aww!! Yay!!! A wonderful post FULL of good news! I'm so glad that happy feeling of contentment and peace is back. :)

  2. Yeah for standing, what a big strong boy!!

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I am absolutely teary with joy over this one!! GO NICKOLAS!!!!!!!!!!! Standing!! Pulling up!! ROCKSTAR!!!!