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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Little Boy and his Dog

Nickolas is FINALLY on the mend again.
We found out at the beginning of the week that Nickolas had an ear infection. And we got some antibiotics. I had really hoped that Nickolas would bounce back right away like Katheryn did the week before. But no such luck.
He continued to feel really lousy for the rest of the week.
Except today. Today he didn't want to cuddle all day. Today he was good moving around and sitting by himself and having some independence.

Today he was back to playing with the dog and eating and NOT dropping all of his food accidentally.
But Sammie can always try...

And instead of giving his food himself, Nick decided to wave it around before eating! Much to the disappointment of Sammie!

Now that Nick is starting to feel better, we have a whole bunch of new therapies lined up!
We do weekly speech therapy workshops for the next 6 weeks, and physiotherapy has started up again for our next block (8 or 12 weeks - I'm not sure). So there is lots of work to do in the coming weeks.

But today, Nick was just a little boy with is dog!


  1. So glad Nickolas is feeling better!! Your dog is adorable too!

  2. Seriously love your dog! The pics of him with Nickolas may be the cutest thing I see today.

  3. ADORABLE!! I love hearing his little voice!