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Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Big Little Girl!

The title of my blog is the Ridding Family. So while I do blog about Nickolas, I talk about Katheryn as well. And I think she is quickly going to become of age to realize that sometimes Nickolas gets more attention and parent time than she does. Even though we try really, really  hard to divide our time.

But that is not the point of this post!

Katheryn is going to be 3 years old in April - in 6 weeks. 3!!! We've already talked about her birthday cake - which she picked out herself from googling children birthday cakes. And she went in a completely different direction than I thought she would.
Katheryn is really coming into her own, she has her own opinions, her own hobbies, her own favorite things to do. She doesn't want mom and dad to pick out things for her.
For example, that is how this outfit came to pass. She picked out what she wanted to wear, and then saw the purple skirt. Very, very specific. "Mommy, I want this shirt and this pant and this skirt!".
Acutaly I think it's kinda cute. In a let's stay inside today kind of way...

One of Katheryn's favorite things to do is colour. It comes out 'mommy, I want to tol-or' she loves colouring and drawing. Her favorite subjects are to draw mommy and daddy and Nick. Lots of circles and doodle - but she points out who is who.

And photography. If she can get her hot little hands on my little camera she is ready to shoot off all kinds of pictures. She started doing this in November, and for Christmas she got 2 children's cameras. But they are nothing compared to Mommy's camera.
She has actually gotten ALOT better.
Some of her favorite subjects are:
toys - specifically Dora and Boots

 Daddy (see the why do you have the camera face)

 Mommy (let's see what you can do)

 Nick (hi sis!)

One thing for sure that Katheryn is, is stubborn. Very, very, very stubborn.
Our current battle, that we keep calling a truce on, is potty training. But that final battle, the final defeat is coming soon. Katheryn has absolutely no desire to sit on the potty, and stay.

I was very surprised when I saw her sitting for 10 min on the potty. Then I turned the corner and saw this:

Just like with all of Nick's stuff I know that we will get there. With Katheryn I acutally do know that we will get there, that Katheryn will use the potty, that she will get out of diapers. So I'm not going to stress about it. She is very stubborn, just like her father.

Katheryn has been sick for the last little while. Very cuddling and staying close. Wants to be held and carried. Sick, better, sick, better ect. Now she's feeling so much better and she's bouncing off the walls! And TALKING about EVERYTHING!!

And starting to like some singing. Very slow. Katheryn doesn't like mommy or daddy to sing. But on one long car ride we started.

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