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Friday, February 11, 2011

Talking about speech therapy

Speech Therapy means another therapy to add to the appointments and stuff that Nick is doing. But this is good, and it's not so much about Nickolas, right now it's mom and dad classes and a play group where we get to practice!

We had our speech assessment the beginning of the month, Nick remained completely silent through the whole thing! But he is starting to chatter a little bit. Just no actual words yet. But I think that mama and dada are going to come soon. He is making those sounds when he is really angry and babbling in his crib at night.
I asked, but it doesn't count.

I even caught Katheryn trying to get Nick to talk. I could hear her yelling in the van the other day. When I opened up the door she is saying to Nick - "Say Daddy, Say DADDY! DADDY" He of course just smiled and laughed at her.
Dadda is his favorite sounding word to say. In the middle of the night when he wakes up and is very upset that he is awake it is dadadadada that he's saying in his VERY unhappy voice! But I don't actually think he is calling us - yet.

I made sure to ask for a copy of his assessment when we left - something that I have to keep reminding myself! (So that I have records for everything, instead of them being all over the place).
I received it this year.
Pretty much what we expected.
I really, really hate hearing that he is delayed in everything. But like mobility, language is pretty obvious and it's obvious that by 15 months (wow - are we there already!) he should have a word or 2.
So bad news is that he is severely delayed in his expressive language (using language) - well duh! He has no words. But in reading the report it said that he is showing some 'scattered communication skills' in the 12-15 month range. So that is good.
That's another reason why getting the report is helpful, I can go back and read this stuff instead of just remember that she said something about some talking stuff, but I can't remember. And the words severely delayed just repeating over and over. Because he is showing improvement - that's all I ask.

But his other stuff - his understanding and pre-language is there and in the appropriate range. So he understands what we say, what we want him to do ect.

Have I mentioned that I hate these assessments. They make me feel so dumb.
When I'm asked a really simple question like 'does he point to action words in books?' What?! I have no idea. Oops, he's supposed to be doing that?

But we have a plan. Kyle and I have some workshops to go to this month. We have a parent session where we learn all kinds of different things to do, and the a couple of parent and baby sessions where we practice. And reassess in 4-6 months.

A plan is good. Lets us feel like we are doing something.

I got a picture book for Nick to look through - full of HIM! He seems to be enjoying it!

This is just the first of what is Nick doing posts - more to come - I promise!


  1. Sounds like a great plan! We started speech therapy this week. It didn't go so well. I don't think group sessions are very productive and our insurance won't pay for private -ugh! I'm on the fence as to what our plan will be going forward. However, like you just hearing Belle is delayed and being reminded of what we can do better to help our little ones I'm feeling pretty confident that her words will be coming sooner than later (I hope!)

    I'm not sure why I have been so completely out of the loop with you guys - so sorry!. I'm sorry to read about the shunt revision. So scary and so not fun for anyone. So glad to read that Nickolas seemed to bounce back pretty well. These darn shunt - such a love hate relationship!

    Hang in there and hope you have a very happy valentine's day with your precious family!

  2. WOW! 15 months already! I don't know why that shocked me, but I was reading this wondering why you were worried about speech at all! I have such a love-hate with assessments. I had to laugh at feeling dumb for some of those questions - don't sweat it! Every parent feels that way. I go through those parent interviews all the time and parents are always fumbling. I had one done on me for Rachel once and even though I knew all the questions, I blanked! Can she open a candy wrapper? I don't know! She was too young to eat it! :p

  3. We are SO there with you! I never like hearing anything but that my Jet is rockstar. :) But these evaluations never go that way. We are starting speech therapy as well - so you are not alone! According to the therapist Jet should be saying 50 words by age 2. Well Jet will turn 2 in May and I just don't see him learning to say 48 words in 3 months. lol. Yep - he's just got 2 right now - mama and dada. He KNOWS more. He just won't say them. His expressive language just isn't where it should be. So we start a new journey - but I'm not totally stressed about it. The therapist mentioned that he has been focusing SO much on large motor that the language is just not important to him. I believe it! And the same could be true for Nick. :) So hang in there! We're in this together!

  4. Caitlin and Nick are so close in age, just a month between them! I read this post and thought, i'm exactly the same. At all these appointments they ask "Is she doing this, what way does she do this" and so on and then I feel guilty for not knowing the answer! Nick will get there in his own time :-) And once he starts chatting I'm sure there'll be no stopping him!

  5. Oh my heart BREAKS reading these kind of posts... because I REMEMBER being there and HOW consuming it was, but in the scope of life? Our kids just have their own timelines!!

    When Nathaniel was 3 he had had MULTIPLE major surgeries, spent MONTHS in full leg casts from his hips down and was NOT talking. At all. He signed. He pointed. He even grunted. But he REFUSED words and I FREAKED. But then I backed up and did some research. And it is SCENTIFICALLY true that developing children can only focus effectively on learning one (at most two) significant skills at a time! Taking this information in I ranked what was most important to me and focused on those skills. PT always won hands down, but I moved OT from the #2 spot, put him on 6 months of "monitor appointments" with OT (so as not to loose our spot with our fabulous OT) and we started speech... with in 4 months he was talking in PARAGRAPHS and we were able to stop speech all together, and he has never needed it again!

    I say this to ENCOURAGE you. Know you childs skills and evaluate what is important to YOU and make a plan. Do not let "normal" dictate your plan, let your families and your childs needs dictate it :)

    This too shall pass!