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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Walking the Walker Journey

We are on the walker journey again.
Nickolas has started to scream and cry when he's in his front one. That was walker #4. Every time I think it might be the right one, and he likes it at first, but then it stops meeting his needs and we move on.

We are moving on again.
It's time for four wheels. He needs something faster that moves when he moves.
So 2 weeks ago we tried something new at the end of physio (which he is doing so great! Exceeding goals!).
Walker races!

Poor Nick had very wobbley legs - but he still wanted to get that sticker!

So we had some ideas of what to do the next week.
Posterior walker, something that is deeper - so he can't rest his bum against the back. And 4 wheels.

We did it at the end of physio again, but his legs are stronger even from the week before!

Now the bad news.
We didn't have one that we could borrow.
We're going to try to problem solve again this coming week, but I don't know how we are going to decide to purchase one if we don't have the ability to bring it home and try it out.
But the plan is to put the order in for one before the end of this PT block.

Katheryn LOVES coming to physio with us at Grandview. She says that this is where all the fun toys are. Like for example when everyone is watching Nickolas climbing the stairs up and down, she is free to go and check out all the fun boxes!

This was our last session with Sheka :(
She has been with us consistently since we got picked up from Grandview. She is great! She loves coming to see us and have a quick little visit with Nickolas and see how he is doing. She's moving to another section in Grandview. But we will really miss her!

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