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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Who ever thought I'd be happy with average.
But I am! I'm ecstatic about average!

We had our reassessment for speech therapy this week.
Nickolas blew Sabrina away.
She was able to do some testing with pictures and stuff to score where he falls. This wasn't even an option last time when Nick wasn't saying anything.
Nickolas falls above average for his age in comprehension. And exactly average for his age in expression.
So we don't qualify for speech therapy this session and we reassess in August.

We have fine tuning to do - but we already did all that learning with Katheryn (who gets reassessed by Sabrina next month).

I can't believe how far Nickolas has come. From November when he was still only saying 5 or 6 words to now he was over 100 words easy. And sentences, multiple word sentences. That you can understand!

I'm a little disappointed that we can't work on pronunciation right now. But at the same time, that frees up some time every week that we already have physiotherapy, and conductive education starting next month. So one less therapy isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Now we just have to figure out where Katheryn is.

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