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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Show Off!

That's what I have.
I actually have 2 of them!

Katheryn races, Everywhere. Up the stairs, down the stairs, to the car, just because. She is getting alot better when other people win. Or tie.
She is a super hero (she has super strength - she can open the fridge) and she is a super-finder - her super power.
Did I mention she has an active imagination?
Katheryn has recently been working on numbers, simple math and colour mixing.
And aceing it! Every day we practice.

They love each other so much! Sometimes I can't believe what a relationship the 2 of them have with each other.

Katheryn comes with us to physio and we talk that we are there to help Nickolas and she shouldn't get into trouble. (Doesn't mean she doesn't push the boundaries though).

But usually Katheryn finds the cool toys for Nick to play with!

 We've gotten picked up at Grandview again.
So that is 6 weeks of therapy before the next break (but we start conductive education again in April)

Nick is really showing off now!
Last week was our first session where we did not have any tears - at all!
We even had Nick laughing! Unheard of!

We are working on standing. With less and less support.
He has more ability than he thinks that he does. Nick is very cautious. And always has been.
But Nick is learning his ability and has been showing himself off!

Cruising. He hates cruising. If something is out of his reach and it's beside him, thats fine, he's good without it.
This week we sat up to work on cruising. He just dug his hands in, and off he went. No problem - like he's been doing it for months!

He showed off the same way this week when OT was with us. Everything she put in front of him. Done and done!
Drawing lines - no problem
Stacking blocks - give me more!
Opening things - fun!
Scissors - not something we work alot at home, he needed help but that is age appropriate. And Nick thought it was fun! So did Katheryn!

So we are all happy to have a house full of show offs this week!

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  1. YAY!! Show offs are great, siblings are fabulous, and his standing is getting so good!!