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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March break and catch up

I haven't written very much on my blog this month because we've been busy out and having fun. Or just relaxing and not doing anything, or not doing anything and having fun all at the same time!

There was some March break fun!

Our daycare provider Jennifer (who is EXCELLENT btw) had lots of fun planned for the kids. Including a visit to the fire department.

Nickolas seemed a little unsure, but Katheryn just talked, talked, talked about the trip. The importance of a fire safety plan and spent days making the fire engine noise! wee-oh wee-oh wee-oh

And lots of trips to the park.
Because it was March Break Nickolas was able to go in outings in his wheelchair. I thought it was a great opportunity for him to get more used to wheeling himself around.
I asked Jennifer if he was moving himself. She told me no, when they went to the park he would get a serious look on his face, point at the ground and say 'down'.
OK Mr Grumpy-pants!

The weather in Ontario has been FANTASTIC! Record breaking, pull out the shorts fantastic!
Lets have some smooching in the grass, I love you, Fantastic!

Katheryn and Nickolas have discovered the joys of having a dark coloured van.
Katheryn has drawn all 4 of us on one side and Nick on his door. And Nick likes getting in on the action too.

And for a sample of our days together...

I had a couple of days off this week and had all kinds of crafts and drawing and fun planned for us to play together. But the point was that we were doing things together. And who cares about the dirty dishes, or clothes or anything. Lets just play!

Wondering what a typical day is like? It goes something like this...
Cow, horse? Who knows.

Hope we weren't too boring for you!

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