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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Change is good.

Because change is going to be coming to our household.
I'm starting a new job.Which is very exciting.
The kids are excited, Kyle is excited. I'm nervous.

I love being a nurse. I am a labour and delivery nurse, and I love what I do.
But I also love to teach.
The opportunity came up for a position in my hospital to be a nurse educator on my unit (otherwise known as clinical practice leader in hospital-talk). Covering a maternity leave for 1 year. I applied, and I got it.
The kids are very excited that I will be taking a day job, no weekends, no nights.
Especially since in the last 3 weeks I have hardly been home. Between nights, and various hospital activities I haven't been spending much time at home.

Not that this new job is going to be easy. I'm used to leaving work at work. I haven't actually started yet, but I know that there will be work I'll be taking home.

Shift work has some definite negatives that I will not miss. But also some benefits; working 12 hour shifts means that you only do 7 shifts in 2 weeks, which gives you time off during the week to do therapy, shopping, errands.
We are currently trying to transition what we have to do, what we need to do into the time available.

I have been telling everyone who is trying to schedule appointments with us, that I will have to get back to them because I have no idea what my schedule will be. Kyle is helping to take over appointments as well, but I will fully admit that I like to know first-hand what is going on.

So Change is coming to the Ridding house.
It will be great. I start on Tuesday

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