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Monday, February 11, 2013


Last year we found out about an opportunity for some free therapy. It is called the Neuro-Developmental Treatment Approach.
They were looking for participants between 2-12 years old with a neuromotor diagnosis.
There is a website for this type of therapy http://www.ndta.org/

The purpose is to identify strengths and weaknesses and use a hands-on, problem solving approach to optimize functioning. The therapy is guided by reactions through each session.

Reading from the pamphlet we were given, I'm not quite sure how this approach is different from traditional physiotherapy. Don't all the therapists look at what is strong, what needs improvement and work on this, and if something isn't working then try something else?

The purpose of the therapy is for practitioners to gain experience. There are 7 blocks throughout the year. We went to the first block; 3 days in a row for 2 hours.

The timing was great, because we just finished our block of physio for another 2-3 months.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend myself, but Kyle went and took pictures.
It was all very positive. They were focusing on gaining core strength and activities he liked to be doing.
Of course playing pirate was a huge hit!

He's pretty much standing by himself here, I think the hand behind him was just if he fell back, and of course trying to keep those knees apart!

They worked on balance

And some basic goals like reaching and working on central muscles.

And playing, playing, playing!

Basketball seems to be an total body workout for Nick. Reaching down, pulling up, throwing!
And then all over again!

The 3 days seems to have really help Nickolas. Even today at home he has been more comfortable testing his abilities by trying to stand unassisted. Up to 5 seconds today!
We have some more play-time ideas to play-on

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