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Saturday, February 16, 2013

A new Cousin; Peter Pan

The kids have been looking at pictures of Peter Pan aka Jeremy and we have talked about how the baby that was in Auntie Laura's belly was born. They were very excited to have a visit!
We went through all the steps. If they got to hold Jeremy, he was very small, they had to watch his head, they had to watch the boo-boo on his hand, and only if it was ok with Auntie Laura and Uncle Jamie.
Katheryn was very good holding him, and Laura even took her hand away for a picture!
The first thing Nickolas said when he saw the baby. "I get to hold Peter Pan"

 The thought the baby was really cute.  Until there was some crying.

Katheryn stayed very interested in everything Jeremy was doing.
Even under the covers!

 Once Jeremy was nice and happy again, I got to have some snuggles!

I'm so happy that everyone is home and settling in - even with limited amount of sleep - as expected with a 1 week old.

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