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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"I can't"

Every single night we go through the same thing.
"I can't, I can't."
And I'm telling Nick "I don't want you to say you can't! You can."

Nickolas is only 3 but I don't like that he is already saying "I can't".
I wish that I could take away that doubt. It is heart breaking to hear someone say they can't. Isn't 3 supposed to be the age that you think that you can do everything! While still, of course, needing your mommy.
A child is supposed to feel that they are limitless. They are not supposed to know they have limits.

Instead Nickolas is saying he can't.

In this case it is less of an "I can't" and more of an "I don't want to" or "I need help". So I am working on getting him to say "I need help" instead of "I can't".

I am working on getting Nick to take his clothes on and off.
Seems simple, right? But Nickolas hates it, he is not happy.

I give him his shirt and he just holds it. "I can't"
I don't want to hear can't! It's upsetting to me to hear him say this. He can. We can

And we do it together.
And he can.

Step by step. Just over and over again. Head, arm, arm, belly. When we do it together he is less likely to say that he can't. And I'm not doing very much.

He is so proud when we get his shirt on, that he wants to try for his pants too!

Katheryn has been doing some things by herself too.
Like picking out her own clothes (she went to school like this)

And doing some chores. Setting the table and clearing the table after dinner. While Nick gets the dishes stacked after dinner.

I wonder if I can make "Can't" a forbidden work in the house?

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