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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Believe in the Bunny

As an adult it is sometimes hard to stop and appreciate the things around you.
But the holidays pauses everything.

And lets you take a moment to look through your children's eyes.

And to make things as fun as you can.
With 3 different egg hunts!

It didn't matter that they were chocolate, if they had something in them or not.

It was the excitement of finding something!

 So the Easter Bunny had to step up her game for Easter Sunday morning.

Putting things high, and low.

The was a surprise for the kids when they woke up

So that the first thing we heard in the morning was the excitement of discovery!

 And our morning started with some more exploration, and only a small amount of chocolate.

Of course it did give us an excuse to do some physio and reaching exercises.

We had a house full of laughter and excitement!

We should hide stuff around the house every morning!

After the hunt the kids luckily had some downtime with brand new mermaid and pirate chairs
And some books to read

And we had lots of smiles

 Hoppy Easter! From our family to yours!

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