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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Standing up straight

It's all about standing today!

One of the that came out of the NDT classes was that Nickolas is leaning forward in his walker. And we don't want him to lean, we want him to stand up straight when he walks.
On my ever growing list of things to follow up on...

 Have the walker adjusted so that he stands farther up, so that he doesn't have to reach farther forward.
Luckily when we were at the bike fair yesterday we got Bill from Durham Medical to make the adjustments (no problem, he had all the tools there - AND he made the adjustments to Nick's wheelchair as well!)

So much better!

Nick is doing great standing up straight. His favorite thing to do is to balance against the couch, the tilt forward so he is standing all by himself!
7 seconds!

 Who knew that this doll house would have been so great at getting Nickolas standing, and playing together with his sister.

Katheryn of course is working on her balance as well!

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