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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We are going to camp! How Fun!

We got our confirmation!


We are all going to camp this summer!

Not only is it just camp. It is a fully accessible, family camp.

This is one camp where I won't have to worry about the 'how'. How can Nick participate? How can Nickolas participate when he isn't able to move the same way the other kids can?
No worries this year.
Accessible camping fun.

They even have an accessible tree house! How cool does that sound! And an accessible climbing wall! High ropes course! One thing that I have always wanted to try and thought would be fun for the kids is geocaching. But again the 'how' question comes up.

That is on top of swimming, arts and crafts, pottery, music, drama, life skills and sports such as sledge hockey, archery, wheelchair basketball, lacrosse, badminton, and a nature trail. I don't know how we will fit it all into 5 days!

Not only are there activities for kids, but there are time for parents as well. They actually have scheduled children activities so that parents can rest or do parent-only activities! Wow a vacation for mom and dad too!

I wanted to get some idea of what the camp actually looks like. So I googled some pictures. All of these pictures come from http://www.camps.ca/easter_seals_ontario.php

The high ropes course - I think that might be a bit too high for mommy!

A real tree house! Yes please!

And of course a camp fire.

I'm so excited! Only 5 months to go!

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  1. I can't wait to see loads and loads of pictures!!! I actually have no desire to go :p I mean, I would, for Kingsley and all, but I hate camp and camping. I will live vicariously through you guys this year ;) and I truly can't wait to hear all about it!!