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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teddy Bear Clinic

The kids had some special activities planned for today.
They got to visit mommy at work (which was pretty fun to begin with), they got to bring their teddy bears, AND they got to bring their teddy bears in for a check-up! Rouge Valley Health System had a Teddy Bear Clinic!

I wasn't able to stay the whole time (because I was actually working) but they had about 10 stations for the kids to go and play and learn about what happens if their teddy bears have to go to the hospital.

They also got to collect stickers as they went along.
Nickolas started the day saying that he wanted his chair, so that was what we brought in. He soon nixed that idea, his wheelchair went in the corner of the room and he cruised around and wanted to see and touch, crawl and run (what he has been calling crawling really fast).

Nick's bear also came with his wheelchair, but left it behind really early in the morning too.

The teddy bears got arm bands, had their vital signs checked, by the "nurse" and also by the kids. Nick LOVED taking his bear's temperature (in the ear).

 They had a station of crafts, with the idea of making teddy bear feel better.

The Teddy bears - did I mention the kids renamed their teddy's Fred (Nick's bear) and Sally (Katheryn's bear). I have no idea where they came up with those names!
The teddy bears got blood work and IVs done.

It was very important to blow bubbles to distract the teddy's while blood was taken.

And of course a (latex free) bandaid at the end. (Almost as good as a sticker)

 Then it was time to look at surgery.
Nickolas is going to be the doctor and his bear was going to be the patient and go to sleep.

And Nickolas was very excited to be the doctor!

Katheryn didn't want anything to do with dressing up like a doctor... until she saw Nick was all dressed up!

 Sally didn't need to have surgery, but after some tests...

And some special tests

Can you guess what this is?

It's a MRI/CT "machine". They did have a little tiny one - you can see it in the picture above, but Sally and Fred were too big for that model.

Sally got a cast on her leg, that has to stay on for a week.
Look at those doctors orders! Maybe Katheryn will be a doctor!

The teddy's were discharged home to the care of their owners with a prescription for cuddles and sleep!

They were so excited for the whole time at the hospital!
Katheryn was literally skipping through the halls, and Nick made new friends during lunch time. I'm sure Kyle hadn't even left the parking lot when they were both passed out!

Nick's favorite part was dressing like the doctor and playing on the floor. Katheryn's favorite part was playing in the tube with her bear.
Mommy's favorite part was hearing the kids playing and Katheryn saying "I know which one is mommy's office" and being so excited about seeing their pictures up.


  1. That is such a great idea! I wish they did things like that over here - would really help kids understand hospitals & what happens in them much better. Looks like the kids had a blast!

  2. That is an AWESOME idea!! How very cool, I wish they would do that here.

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