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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Let the cottage season begin!

What better way to open the brand new cottage, then fill it with the family!
For the first long weekend of the 'summer'.

Over the years the Victoria Day weekend can be hit or miss. 
It could just as often been a cold and dreary weekend that you spend up at the cottage - because that is what we do - than a gorgeous sunny weekend where you need to make sure you don't get burned.

 I think that Nick agrees that this was a pretty good weekend!

The kids were right into the lake - regardless of the little squeals that the adults made when we put our feet in the water.

And in no time there were busy making potions and mud pies.

Going fishing

Captaining a ship

And flashing smiles that say "I am having so much fun!"

The kids loved being on and off of the boat.
They were careful (it's sitting in about 1 ft of water).

I was not so careful about the kids. See this picture above. The bare feed, the carpet. The position of the feet. 2 minutes after he got on the boat and was having fun moving around, he had a big sore on his foot. Exactly like last summer.
After a minor freak-out and berating myself for not recognizing that this would happen (in 2 minutes). We had it bandaged and socked up. Nick didn't care at all.
But at least we didn't get tons of splinters like last year during the long weekend.
And we had the knee pads that helped save the knee. I only used the snazzy baby ones, because they are so simple to get on and off. And we had Nick's old braces for him to take in the water with some water shoes.

Between all of the braces, socks, pads, shorts - Nick might as well have been wearing pants!
But at least the water cooled him off! Even if I was keep him dry standing at the side of the dock - and didn't notice he had shrunk until it was too late.

At the end of the day we just decided to all pile together for family nap time!

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