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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day

Now that Katheryn is in school, Mother's Day has become more of a big deal - to her.
I got an invitation to a Mothers Day Tea at the school.
And Katheryn was counting down the days to mothers day.

The kids put on a show with a couple of songs and a slide show.
After the show the kids went around to find their mothers.
Poor Katheryn looked so lost until she found me!

Around the whole gym they had pictures that the kids had drawn of their mothers and we had to go around and try to guess which one was us.

Katheryn was so excited to show me her picture!

And we went to her class for her to show me around a little bit as well.
I had the opportunity to talk to her teacher for a bit (Katheryn is doing great of course).

We had a laid back weekend.
Our plans were cancelled because my family was sick, and so we just went with it.
I got to open my present from Katheryn,

And Kyle put up my other present (now if only that comes with watering through the summer).
I didn't get any pictures with the 3 of us. So a little photo-shopping and I had a cute pic!
Of course mothers day can't pass without me thinking about what being a mother means to me.
From when I made my mother a mother, and Katheryn made me a mother and everything since then.
Being a mother means that I am much more than one person, that I think of 2 little munchkins as soon as I wake up and before I fall asleep. That there is a whole world that I never knew existed until just over 5 years ago. Like seeing something in HD and now realizing that the world is brighter and sharper than you ever realized.
My favorite thing in the world?
Having little arms wrap around me and hear "Mommy, I love you."

Happy Mothers Day to me!

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