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Friday, May 17, 2013

Panda Pandamonium!

We had the opportunity to get some tickets for a Panda pre-show and the Toronto Zoo!
We decided to get the first tickets available, 9am.
We started to line up at 8:20, along with about 20 other people. By the time they opened the door at 9am exactly, the line up went all the way out to the parking lot, and was full of not-so-happy people, considering the zoo knew how many people expected to be at the exhibit by 9am.
Not only is there no bathrooms before you get through the gates, but we were full of children who were not happy to be waiting in a line up.

Come 9:01 we were through the gate.

So we now had 30 minutes to walk to the exhibit for our appropriate time.

There was a good set up, they had an exhibit full of educational stuff. We  practically ran through it, knowing we were already late. We noticed it and saw that it would be interesting to read – another time.

Got a quick picture of the kids in front of a cute panda.

In reality how much time can you spend looking at some – really cute – panda bears that aren’t really doing anything.

But we got to get close before the crowds really pushed in.

Nickolas had a lot of fun.

We talked all about what Panda’s eat. “Silly mommy, Panda’s don’t eat chicken wings, they eat bamboo”.


(See the little white spot on the rock - that's a Panda)

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