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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

MACE checkup

 We had our follow up with our doctor for Nick's MACE.
So it was a day back at Sick Kids
Nick was excited to go to the Hospital (a feeling I want to keep). I had in my mind what I wanted to do (deal with the granulation tissue). But the MACE itself is great and we are so happy with it!

Well, it didn't go quite like I had in mind. The doctors looked at it and said it was healing well, that it was cosmetic and will eventually improve. This was not what I wanted to heal. I really wanted to do the Silver Nitrate to get it all healed up now.

The doctor listened to me. Dr Lorenzo is great (and as he came very well recommended to me, I recommend him to anyone going to Sick Kids). But in the end he explained why we would`t be doing it.
To try to heal the granulation tissue (with the silver nitrate) there is the risk that we would heal too much, or in medical terms stenosis of the stoma. So the actual MACE stoma may close. I do not under any circumstances want the stoma to close and have to redo the MACE.

Actually looking at the belly button. It does look better than it has in a while. So we will keep doing what we`ve been doing. Using the Milk of Magnesia, tea tree oil and keeping it open and not covered (and keeping Nick`s hands away from scratching at it).

We are cleared right now, and will continue to follow up with the urology clinic at Bloorview.

Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Nick`s health care team for our great experience with the MACE. Dr Lorenzo and his NP Abby!

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