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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Day on the Town

After Nick's hospital appointment we decided that we would continue with a day on the town.
When we go downtown I walk up and down from Union Station to Sick Kids. But today instead of train-hospital-train we were going to have some fun.

First stop, hot dog stand!

Nick really wanted to go up the CN tower and see the city

We got to ride up in our own elevator, they let us skip the line. I think it took about 90 seconds to go up 114 stories

Unfortunately the weather wasn't that great, so we couldn't go out on the observation deck or up to the highest observation sky-pod deck (which would have been free for Nick and me).
You couldn't see a huge distance, but enough to make Nick happy (on a clear day you can see all the way to Niagara Falls, and we can see the CN tower from home in the opposite direction)

We could see the Toronto Island airport, and watched 2 planes take off

We waved to Emily and Hannah in Brampton!

Then it was time for the glass floor! (It is a couple of floors down)
Nick was very excited to sit on the glass floor (me... not so much)

 You lie down and all that is between you and the ground is a layer of (very thick) glass, and 1,122 feet

 We took a selfie together!
(See how I'm still sitting on the carpet)

But Nick wanted to take his wheelchair out for a look too

 There are signs around saying that the glass is strong enough to hold an elephant. So I know it can hold my ___lbs of weight... But I still had an issue with stepping onto the glass
(The 2 swimming sharks are the aquarium at the base of the tower)

When we were ready to go, Nick liked looking out the elevator and seeing the buildings get closer and closer

Nick had a FANTASTIC day! Much more fun that just plain visiting the hospital and go home or back to school!

And of course we got a souvenir of our trip flying around Toronto

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