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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy Birthday!

5 years ago we were waiting and wondering and hoping.
Waiting for the little baby that we only knew from ultrasounds, kicks and a doctor’s diagnosis. Not knowing and too afraid to look too far into the future.

And that little baby boy was born and immediately handed off to strangers

 and whisked away to get ready for some major surgery. With only a quick cuddle.

It was a week before I could hold him again, but it seemed like the days took forever.

And time has passed,

In 5 years that little tiny baby has grown into such an amazing child.

He’s a bit Ninja turtle crazed,

and loves to... laugh and learn, he is funny and shows such a love of life and all of those around him.

For the little boy who teaches me about life every single day.

Happy Birthday to my Nickolas

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  1. What a journey you have been on! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing your journey. you encourage me!