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Saturday, November 22, 2014

School Report - Katheryn

We got Katheryn's school report.
This brought no surprises to us. Everything was good. Meeting Expectations. Nothing was "Exceeding Expecation", but we get the impression that her teacher doesn't really give out this grade.

Some areas for her to work on (surprise, surprise) was paying attention to her own work and listening in class. Nothing that we haven't seen at home. Katheryn really likes to know what is going on (don't know whwere she gets that from) and helping

All of her work that comes home is correct.
Her reading is fantastic, she answers all of the math questions we give her. She is inquisitive and likes school.

For the parent-teacher interview Katheryn is reading at the top of her class, with only one other boy reading at her level.
Just this week Katheryn completed her level 23 book. But they don't have higher level books. But Katheryn had pretty much read any book she picks up (which is interesting when she is reading over my shoulder)

I'm wondering if the fact that within a week we had 2 parent interviews, one that was great and one that was surprising just made Nick's that much more surprising.

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