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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nick-angelo's Birthday Party

When it was time for planning Nick's birthday party he knew exactly what he wanted.
He only wanted a swimming party, and of course it had to be Ninja Turtle themed.

So we did both, Ninja Turtle Themed with an hour in the pool as well.

Masks for the kids (and maybe some adults)

Ninja turtle loot bags

 And a couple of games
Some bad-guys to knock down (with ninja turtle coloured Frisbees). I got old-ninja turtles and new-ninja turtle bad guys

Pin the pizza on the Ninja turtle

And a ninja turtle basketball game

We had some Ninja-Turtle food trays, and of course pizza

And a Ninja Turtle cake

Nick got to play with all of his favorite friends

Nick had a fantastic time. He got to run around and play (in his Shellraiser), go swimming, then eat pizza and cake and have everyone sing to him

And after all of that fun, he still got to open presents!

Surrounded completely by all of his friends, who each had a job to do, including present passing, card reading, music playing and garbage collecting

And everyone was excited to see what he was getting

Nick was loving it of course
(Ninja turtle Kraft dinner!!)

 Pretty soon 4 hours had gone by, and the party was over

Happy Birthday Nick!


  1. You are a great family, I keep you guys in my prayers. Tell nick that he is a great kid that makes me smile his story's are amazing and that he is a true fighter.��. Tell Kathryn that she is a great kid that is strong and happy she takes good care of he little bro and she is very kind. You are a great mom to do so much for nick most parents wouldn't try as hard as you do keep up you great work. I respect you work. You guys are a great family and I enjoy reading about you adventures in life. I wish you all Thx best of luck. I will stay updated on your posts.

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