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Friday, November 28, 2014

All I want for Christmas

Christmas is coming and it's time for the kids to write their wish list for Santa

Katheryn got to practice her writing

And we decided to try something new with Nickolas.
After Nick's report this month I decided that instead of making Nick spend all of his time writing out what he wants, we would type it out.

So he had to type every single word on his wish list
We spent time sounding out and looking at what was written in the flyers and then he had to find the right key on the keyboard.

Katheryn wanted to type out her list as well, so after she wrote it she got to type it as well.

Once that 'work' was done, it was time for play!

That ran around the house like this for about an hour!
Hearing the giggles and laughter from these 2 made my wishes come true!

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