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Monday, May 9, 2016

Finishing up Physiotherapy... for now

When we started physiotherapy in February, Nick could go around Grandview in his crutches in 5 minutes. This week he did it in 2 1/2 minutes!
He has also done great with his reps for his leg weights, going to 40 reps and 3 lbs (and we started at 10 reps with almost no weight)

This is our last physiotherapy session for now. We had goals of increasing crutch use and comfort, working on the stairs. And gaining strength in his legs.

He is working hard on the stairs, still working on going up and down and getting the rhythm.

We are going to be working on this at home.

Katheryn really likes helping as well (not that she can be the spotter at home), she is great for getting him to want to go up and down the stairs.

So after all of that pesky work was done. It was time for the weapons to come out!
Lindsay brought 2 more of her ninja weapons as a reward  

There was wooden swords

We got Nick to stop cheating, and do it standing away from the bed

He is having so much fun with these wooden swords!

And then he would sneak his bum back on the bed

(I love this picture... even though it is blurry)

Leonardo is ready!

Katheryn got to try them out too
This is her fighting stance

And she was trying flipping and twirling the sword

Next Nick wanted to try to nunchucks

Lindsay showed him how to turn his hand and make them swing around

And how to use them for defense

But he is a boy, really he just wanted to swing them around

And Katheryn got to try and swing them as well

This block of phsyio is done.

I talked to Lindsay about seeing neurosurgery next week, and my conflict in that I am seeing some loss in function, but then he has done so great with his crutches! She said that the physiotherapy and working on his leg strength helped. That maybe if we hadn't done this block then we would see a more profound decrease.

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