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Friday, May 27, 2016

One Hour

Every night we have an hour of time we need to fill. This is time that we take Nick away from whatever he was doing to get ready for bed, and includes his bathroom routine.

This is our routine, he knows that at 8 at night it is time to get upstairs. That doesn't mean he still doesn't fight us about it. We used to watch movies for the hour. It kept him distracted, but didn't really add any value, especially when he needs help with school.

So instead of putting on movies every night we look for some other things to do for fun.
Like shooting people with water, wearing Elsa gloves for some reason (or just because it is fun)

And Nick has been having fun following the directions to put together lego (something he wasn't interested in doing before).

Nick has a huge imagination. And he will always find something to distract himself with. If he doesn't have toys to play with (and we have a collection of mini action figures) he will play something with his hands (usually Ninja Turtles, Avengers or Star Wars, or a combination of all 3).

One hour of every night is an opportunity we are trying not to waste.  Sometimes it is the only time of the day that I get to see the kids (because I don't get home from work until late). And sometimes the movie or game or activity that Nick had to be pulled away from is replaced with another movie or game. And sometimes it is the time of day we can do homework without being distracted.
Either way it is one hour of the day that Nick needs to do. And finding ways to balance what he needs to do, with what he wants  to do is important.

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