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Monday, May 23, 2016

Long Weekend and the Lake

The first Long Weekend of the summer!
The kids are very excited to be up at the cottage. It has been a couple of months since we were here last

Of course the first thing they wanted to do was to go down to the lake!
At first it was just going to be putting our feet in. But that didn't last long

And pretty soon everyone was in the lake
... well not everyone

The water was cold, and while it was sunny there was still a wind.
Nick didn't last as long as Katheryn did

Nick liked pretending that he was the emperor, and he was shooting lightening at me!

Rory liked it by the lake. And stayed close... most of the time

The kids went in the lake every day of the weekend.
I would get my feet wet, but that was about it

They had lots of fun going out deeper and deeper

These 2 water bugs had all kinds of games that they were playing together

But they  had lots of fun in the water!

They could only be in the water about 1-2 hours of the day.
But there was lots of other ways to have fun

Like waking Daddy up

And trying to lift him up

And I made up a scavenger hunt

They had lots of fun running around the property looking for everything (and the stick as tall as Nick was doubled as something else later in the night)

Katheryn was really proud of all of the things that she collected

Her favorite was the pebble as small as her nail

Nick's favorite was something that is a funny shape

Another favorite activity of the weekend was the bonfires

And of course roasting marshmallows (with sticks as tall as they are)

Everyone wanted to roast their own marshmallows (and that fact that I kept setting my own on fire had nothing to do with it)

And Nick had his in some messy S'mores

Of course they aren't tired! They are wide awake and want to stay by the fire!

We had another fantastic Victoria Day Weekend!

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