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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Parasport - Track and Soccer

Parasports this month was track.
I wasn't really sure what they were going to do for track.

I have been trying to sit back and let Nick be on his own. Instead of having mom always there to help. So I don't have all kinds of pictures of what he was doing and learning.

But they did have these hurdles that Nick wanted to show me.
He could step on it to get over it.

When I watched him, I asked if he wanted his crutches. So I went out and got his crutches for him.

That pesky left foot had difficulty

Katheryn had fun with the soccer fields.
She kept running back and forth. I timed her, 13 seconds for the length of a soccer field.

She also had another sibling who was there that they played a soccer game together

And she had a great kick!

After a while the other kids got on the soccer field as well.

It is May the 4th today. So Nick had his choke hold all ready!

Nick did have a lot of fun with the soccer. Maybe we will look at doing something in the summer with soccer

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