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Monday, July 4, 2016

Cottage weekend

We started vacation with a trip to the cottage!
On the way up to the cottage Katheryn wrote a whole list of things that she wanted to do over the weekend.

On the top of the list was going in the water!

It was a hot day, so Katheryn pretty much stayed in the water for as long as she could

We had a plan for Nickolas to get him in the water.
Or at least close to the water so he could participate.

I got this boat for him to float in. It was the best that we could do, but still wasn't the same
I got a 2 person one and not the 1 person one because this one came with a pump and paddles, but the paddles were still too big for Nick to move around by himself.

We had the boat tied up so it wouldn't float too far away from everyone. Katheryn would go in it as well to play. And the jump back out.
I put some stuff around him to support him a bit more, but he still got his shirt wet (but his back dressing kept his scar dry)

But in the end Nick liked playing on the big boat and pretending to fish

The sun and the water tired everyone out!

Kyle and Katheryn liked playing some Mario Kart. And Nick cheered them on!
(Katheryn won)

We also went into town for some lunch and shopping

We found a comic store and bought a bunch of comics.
Nick also found an item he wanted to bring home

Because it was Canada Day we had a firework show!

Nick's earmuffs worked really well and he really enjoyed them!

Happy Canada Day!

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