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Friday, July 29, 2016

More walking

Nothing like a little challenge.
When we were at Toronto Island I wanted to challenge Nick and see what he would do if I took off the 'K' from his KAFOs. And then of course he decided to challenge himself further by walking over cobblestones
My thought was since the testing and surgery came from needing more bracing, now that he has had the surgery and is/has recovered so well, we should see what he can do with less support.
When we got home I took a video of him on some stable ground to see how he is.

His knees are more wobbling. But they have been supported for a year.
But he is able to do it.
And it is a balance between bracing him too much and compromising muscles getting stronger, and not bracing enough and causing injury or incorrect (cheating) form. What we want is enough support to allow him to be functional and not waste his energy and strength.

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