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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Fun

Nick had a follow up orthodics appointment.
Have a mentioned how much I love our orthotist, Eric, and his passion for the job. And his job is support Nick in getting him up and moving to the best of his ability.

We have appointments every couple of months to make adjustments as needed.
While we wait we are in a giant playroom. The kids love it.
They find new things to play with every time we are there.
Because they can do all of their adjustments right in-house we are usually there for a couple of hours. But the kids have more fun waiting

Afterwards I thought we would put our bowling coupon to good use. The kids have free bowling through the summer thanks to BowlingGivesBack. We got free bowling last year (and I upgraded it to a family account last year and we never went). So this year I wanted to get some bowling fun in!

And we all had fun

Even if some of us were not very good

Katheryn had this pose every time she shot!

And she really liked getting Nick all set up for his shot as well.

Katheryn has turned into a little bowling shark!

Of course we all used funny names to play. Nick was Cap, Katheryn was Hera (a character from Star Wars Rebels) and I was Ms Marvel.

I think the kids had fun, and even though we can mark it off our bucket list, we hope to come back again!

But Katheryn and my day wasn't over yet.
Katheryn has been begging us for a haircut. She wants to cut it all off. We did get her hair trimmed before her first communion and I told her if she still wanted it shorter after a month, then we will do whatever she wants.

This is the before...

Katheryn knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted it very short, above her shoulders and closer to her chin. I had a hair appointment (which takes 3 hours to get the purple in my hair), and so we scheduled Katheryn in the middle of it.

Overall we had a great day!

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