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Monday, July 18, 2016

Zoo time

We liked visiting with the little animals so much we decided on a trip to the zoo.
We hadn't seen the giant panda cubs yet, so we thought we would see them first. Especially when the sign at the door said there was only a 15 minute wait.
So we waited

And waited

And waited
(This is what Katheryn looks like right before we go in, after waiting over 1 hour)

But we did get to see the 2 baby pandas

We got 2 minutes before we had to move along.
I think we got a bit extra time to let Nick get up in his wheelchair so he could see

And one of the adult pandas was in the other exhibit

Katheryn liked climbing on everything that she could find

And Nick found the river full of fishes

We stopped for Beaver Tails before seeing more animals.
And we took a break from the sun

And Katheryn found that she actually does like to try new things. And inhaled her Beaver Tail

We went to see the Polar Bears (Katheryn's favorite). But they weren't really out

Since we stopped Nick wanted to stretch his legs with his crutches.
He has gotten so incredible with his crutches he didn't actually want to get back into his chair.

Katheryn had lots of fun and even posed for a picture with minimum complaint.

We got to see Nick's favorite animal, the penguins.

They really liked playing with the stands that are at the exhibit and not so much the penguins themselves.

And Nick wanted to walk around the exhibit all by himself. (Katheryn took his chair so I didn't have to push it. But she was a little bit afraid of the hills)

The penguins weren't swimming today. But the kids like being underwater.

For our last animal we decided to visit the new lion cubs.
Again Nick didn't want anything to do with his chair.

it took a couple of minutes waiting for a window spot but Nick was able to get up close to these graceful creatures (Katheryn wasn't that interested)

Rory sleeps just like this

Nick walked so well with his crutches. He was just go go go!
Not only does he walk with them, but he runs with them!

You would think that after the day at the zoo and all of his walking that this boy would be tired.
Nope he decided to show off by walking up the stairs all by himself

He was so proud of himself!

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