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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How is Nick doing?

I have had a bunch of people asking about how Nick is doing.

I have been trying to get him to take it easy while he is recovering. First using his wheelchair outside and walker inside. Last week we pulled out his crutches again. Nick said he didn't want them and they were too hard. So we took his walker away and crutches was his only option.

He did fight it at first. But once he tried it, and started walking with is crutches he would do more and more.
Over the weekend he was at the cottage with Kyle (I stayed at home and worked). Kyle said he spent the whole time with his crutches. Including going up and down the hill to the water, and walking through Walmart with only his crutches!
This is something he didn't even do before!

Nick also wanted to go up and down the stairs with his crutches. This has been a goal we have worked on in physio. But the difference is that he wanted to do this himself.

After our orthodics adjustment yesterday, Nick's centre of balance shifted a bit (as we are trying to get him straighter). But it hasn't stopped him at all with his crutches.

Yesterday I tried to see how long he could stand for unassisted. We got to about 10 seconds. So I decided to see if he could take those steps again. He took one step and stop! (But of course I don't have any picture of video)

 I am so happy with Nick's recovery! He is good with his crutches, is moving around the house like normal. He isn't having any pain (unless I forget and lift him wrong). He is still staying completely dry all day. He says his feet are feeling better and he can definitely feel when we touch his feet, and it is hit or miss if we do it very lightly.

His back still has a scab on the 'scrape' (as he calls it). And a suture sticking out of the top, so 2 more weeks until he can be swimming. And we have his follow up appointments for MRI and Dr Rutka at the end of the summer.

So Nick is doing really well.

Katheryn is doing well too. She has been good listening and following direction to not be too rough with Nick. And she has been enjoying the summer so far. (We tried getting Nick to run through the sprinkler as well, but he didn't want to).

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