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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clinic Day!

We had our first day at the clinic today. It went pretty well. It was only a half day and we met with physio as well as a nurse and social work. Physio was very impressed with how he moved. She said it is hard to figure out what babies can and can’t feel or move, because they might just not feel like moving that part today. To assess feeling she had to pinch and see if he reacted. He did react with the soles of his feet (a bit diminished, but there). Yay! She said that the nerves travel down the front of the leg and then up the back, so his reaction to the back of his thighs wasn’t really there. We did talk a little about braces (AFO’s – the little ones) and a standing frame. But she said having a big sister (and cousin) is a bonus, because he will want to move around.

I really wanted them to say – wow he won’t need anything! He’ll be able to walk, run, whatever – it’s a miracle! Of course they didn’t say that, and it’s not realistic to think that they will say that. But he is a miracle; imagine if he’d been born 50 years ago? Imagine if I listed to that stupid doctor who said he’d be a paraplegic! He is here, he is ours, and he is doing so well!

Nickolas got to be a torch bearer on opening Olympics day! We visited work after the clinic and Heather, one of the unit clerks was a torch bearer and let me take a picture of Nickolas with her torch.

Go Team Canada!

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  1. Every appointment, every follow up since he was diagnosed I hold my breath and secretly hope for that same, "It's a miracle!" comment. Think we'll ever stop?
    Such a cute picture with the torch! :)