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Saturday, February 27, 2010

This week with Katheryn and Nickolas...

There isn't that much to say this week.
The kids have been sick (thanks Kyle) but somehow I was spared the cough and cold. Nickolas has been feeding every 2 hours while he's been sick, and 4-6 hours at night (we had been 3-4 during the day and 12 [yay!] at night). But he getting better. The poor guy would cough and cough and then throw up, so I wouldn't 'fill' him that much.
Of course this makes me exhausted! AND I'm trying to get my MRP [research project for my masters] done so I can graduate in June. Hopefully next week will be better - prob not - I look at the calender for next week and it's pretty full...

We got the pictures of our Canadian Baby Photographers Photoshoot - so cute!!! (http://www.canadianbaby.com/) I love them - they are expensive but we were an easy sell, when the guy came to the house we had Katheryn's photos when they did her pictures all over! It is great , they come right to the house, set everything up, and you get a free 5x7 even if you don't buy anything. Of course we always buy something. They have been in business for a long time - my parents have my baby pictures above their bed, from the same people. - OK free advertising over.

Of course we have been watching the Olympics non-stop. Pretty much we put on CTV in the morning and leave it on until we go to bed. I don't remember getting this into the Olympics before (except of course for hockey) but we've been watching ALL the sports!
I also want to watch some of the paraolympics next month - get a glimpse of things that Nickolas can do. Get out of the can't-do mindset. Geez I hope I don't have can't-do mindset. All I really know about is wheelchair basketball and sledge hockey, oh and murderball (wheelchair rugby?) But there must be lots of other things he could do (if he wanted). We've already decided Katheryn will be a hockey player.

Katheryn's new favorite things are to pull Nickolas in his rocking chair (which can't be easy because he is 17 lbs!), but also to feed him. I caught her shoving a goldfish (cracker) in his mouth, and when he wouldn't take it, she was shoving it in!

Last thing. I just found out about something called conductive education. It was through a post at the BabyCenter Spinabifida Kids group - I hadn't joined it before, but it has alot of the same moms as the spinabifida support forum. Anyways, two of the moms posted about their kids being involved in a conductive education center. They were on the news here is the link: http://www.wzzm13.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=68575678001 I looked into it and the March of Dimes in Toronto has a program. I have NO idea what it will cost (the Center in Michigan the news report is about has a 4 week program that costs $1200). But I thought it would be interesting to check out. And if it helps great! I'll talk to the SB clinic about it. They should have some more info.

OK apparently I had alot to say about this week...
Oh Yeah GO CANADA!!! The women athletes have been amazing! Now it's Men's Hockey going for Gold!!

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  1. LOL!! We've been all over the Olympics too! I think it's because it's the first time I've been home all day, every day. And it's in Canada! I'll be in withdrawal on Monday.
    Your Katherine sounds like my Cordelia. She has been trying to feed him and drag him around since he came home.