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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pharmacy Rant

Fyi this is a bit of a rant but it is something that pisses me off. Enough that at 2am I am awake and writing this! (I am awake because the kids are sick and Katheryn needs extra tlc, but I can't go back to sleep).

Nickolas is on a prophalaxis (just in case) antibiotic - trimethoprim - because we cath him and don't want an infection. This is a medication he will be on indefinitely, as long as we continue to cath him. When we first got it, at Sick kids we were told they only make up 30 days at a time, keep it at room temperature or it isn't stable. Gotcha.
We transferred the prescription to our local pharmacy. The next month it said to keep in the fridge for up to 90 days. We didn't we were only using it for 30. The third month it was the same, it was kept in the fridge until we picked it up. Then I also needed to ask for a dropper so I could give it. The last dropper wasn't long enough for the bottle.
The prescription changed to a 1.5mL dosage and the prescription was written for 3x 90 days. No they could not give me only 30 days worth because that was not how the prescription was written. OK. Kyle picked up the prescription and I was surprised it came in a large bottle. Oh well, stuck it in the fridge. Went to give it to Nickolas a few hours later and noticed the sticker saying "do not refrigerate". Pulled out the other bottle saying "refrigerate for up to 90 days". ?!
So I called the pharmacy, talked to 2 different people before one could answer my question. Like when you say you want to talk to a pharmacist they screen to see if it is really a pharmacist question! Finally yes it can be kept at room temperature for 30 days but then becomes unstable. So a 90 day dose keep refrigerated.
So if I blindly followed the stickers Nickolas would have been taking garbage for 2 months until he got the next 90 day supply! Isn't this what pharmacists do?! Provide medication (that works) to people!!

I don't know who puts the stickers on at that pharmacy! I've gotten birth control pills that have the "may cause drowsiness" and "do not take with alcohol" stickers (instead of "no smoking"). But that was birth control pills and wasn't a big deal. This kind of is. This is medication for my 3 month old.

To top it all off, when I finally went to give it to him, I realized they didn't give me a dropper - or something to give the medication with! And I didn't have a 1.5mL dropper. What I had at home only had a 1mL mark - was I supposed to guess?!
Really! Shouldn't they provide the medication AND a way to administer it? I won't even get into the fact that one of the droppers I got in Dec wouldn't reach the bottom of the bottle!

So there is my rant. I feel a bit better. I am going in tomorrow morning to get a dropper or syringe or SOMETHING to give Nickolas his medication.
I might also test out another pharmacy. Can I give out practice scenarios to local pharmacies? Put them on probation?


  1. Hi Amanda! Great blog, and the pictures from your photoshoot of Katherine and Nicholas are gorgeous.

    (cousin) Laura

  2. LOL, I feel your pain!! Kingsley's antibiotics only last 2 weeks in the refridgerator, but they don't come in 2 week supplies (140ml), so we get big bottles of it(250ml) that apparently we throw out? You'd think they could find a better way. And we've never gotten droppers! Luckily the hospital gave us a stash when we left. So silly.

  3. your kids are just adorable. thanks for sharing

  4. Beautiful family!!!! Pharmacy issues stink!!!