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Friday, May 14, 2010


Thought I'd show off 2 of my new favorite pictures.

OK so in one he's naked (practically) but I love these pics! And he isn't showing off anything! Though he might not appreciate this picture when he's a teenager.
On one of my groups there was discussion about showing off your childs Spina Bifida. Adults who recount their parents showing their scars off to strangers. While I hope I don't do that when Nickolas is older - I must admit I do it now - but his scar is looking so good!
I think it's important to realize that these kids may not want their nitty-gritties exposed to the world, in say, a blog. As an infant, I think it is fine, I hope I'm not sharing too much, just normal mundane stuff to keep people informed and show off what Nickolas can do. And as he gets older, who know's what I'll do. I also write for myself, about me and my family, both Katheryn and Nickolas. I started the blog when we found out about Nickolas, but I don't want our whole lives to revolve around SB. It is a part of our lives, but at the moment a small part.
So in talking to strangers and others about spina bifida, I don't look at it as something to hide, I am proud to have a son with spina bifida. I welcome the experience to say, this is what spina bifida looks like. I'm currently trying to work out how to explain it to children, when my cousins kids were down but they did notice his shunt, but they didn't ask me about it.

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  1. Absolutely adorable!!
    I'm struggling with what to say and who to say it too as well. Kind of an odd limbo we're in where it's not immediately obvious and so it's our call whether we want to talk about it. I like your approach!