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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


If this picture doesn't say YUM! I'm not sure what would.

Yes we finally tackled the solids! I said in another post how I was a bit nervous, worrying about the Chiari and choking/gagging as well as starting bowel issues. But things went great! OK it's been one day... but I'm so excited! I was going to wait until 6 months, but we started 2 days early.

He absolutely loved the food! I started him on oatmeal (it was suggested on the SB Kids board NOT to start with rice because it could constipate him. Good thing I checked, because that was one of the cereals I bought. He couldn't get enough of the cereal! I started him with 1 tablespoon, and gave him half, to start off slow. Today he inhaled the whole tablespoon AND then wanted more. He got so excited when he saw the bowel and spoon!

But at 20 lbs did we have any doubt he would like food? - not so much!
I'm also breastfeeding too, and feeding him first so he's not hungry and angry when we start. So far so good.

Nickolas has also discovered the art of the 'raspberry' and enjoys sticking his tongue out at everyone and blowing bubbles. Can I say again what a happy baby he is!

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