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Friday, May 21, 2010


We've been going to physio regularly. Doing some trunk control and head control exercises. We go down to Bloorview every week. It's a bit of a trek (1 hr there and 1 hr back), but we have seen that he is doing good with his exercises, he gets a good work-out and then we have exercises to do at home.

Have I mentioned how happy and laid back my kid is? He is great, he has an extremely nice temperment, hardly ever cries (in public). Just smiles and laughs and raspberries to everyone. This would seem like something positive. And IT IS!
Except when we are trying to do physio. We want him to work and he doesn't really want to.
There is one exercise that we do where he is supposed to straighten himself up from a 90 degree angle, so I'm just holding his thighs and he is hanging forward. Well he is content just to hang there, as if saying 'yup this is where I want to be'. And I can call him and try to get him to straighten up, but nope, he is working to stay right where he is. So we take a bit of a break. Some days he'll do his physio, we have a bunch of different exercises, but then other days it's as if he is trying to say 'make me'.
There are some exercises that are hard for me to do - if you look at the picture it includes holding up a 20lb kid so he can bring himself up. Sounds like a job for Daddy!
This is typical of Nickolas, fighting really hard NOT to work.
Poor guy.
But we can see how much he's improved sitting up better and holding his head straight and just holding himself straighter and better. Our PT says that everything comes from the trunk (which makes sense) so we don't concentrate on the legs or feet (yet) is all starts with proper trunk control.

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  1. Oh, I'm so jealous! I've been thinking so much lately about the stinkin wait list we're on and how I'm anxious to start our regular visits! I want more PT! King sounds just as active as Nickolas! Boys... ;)