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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The long weekend was so great I really needed to just post again about it.
The last post was all about Nickolas, just we got 2 kids, so Katheryn will get her own long weekend post too. It's hard to beleive that one year ago, on the long weekend was the first time Katheryn took a step. Now here she is bouncing and jumping and running and splashing away!
She had so much fun at the cottage! She got to play in the water during the day, and the sand and then at night she got to sit by the fire with everyone and enjoy a nice cottage night (and the bugs weren't even bad).
The kids both tolerated the nights pretty good too. The first night they woke up a bunch of times, but after that they were pretty good with sleeping through. Hopefully this will keep up over the summer. They even slept through all the fireworks going off outside their window (right outside - that's what happens when nieghbors are teenage boys with firecrackers).
 But I guess the fresh air just tuckered them out.

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