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Monday, May 17, 2010

Zoo Time!

It's our annual girls zoo day!
A  group of us girls (and kids once they came along) go to the zoo every year. Katheryn has really started to have fun when we go to the zoo. Not only were there other kids she could play with, but there were all these animals!

We brought the double stroller, but neither kids were particularly interested in riding in it. Nickolas want to be held and Katheryn wanted to run around. Luckily I brought my wrap so that I wasn't carrying Nick around in my arms. This wrap is a god-send. Katheryn loved it, Nickolas loves it, and I love it. The only problem is that sometimes we'll over heat. But in the middle of May, in Ontario that isn't usually an issue. Well, not this year.
As you can tell from the picture, Nickolas enjoys the wrap so he can watch what everyone is doing, and stick his tongue out at them. His favorite new sounds - raspberries. And Katheryn is very happy to help.

We've gone to the zoo a bunch of times this year, it's a really nice outting with the kids, they can look at more than just the same old walls or fencing and see animals up close. Katheryn is still learning on the names of the different animals, and who wants to look at pictures in a book?

I remember when we used to go to the zoo and the pics were all about us. Now, forget about us! All the pictures are of the kids! (or us with the kids)

Anything SB related this post? - nope - just regular family stuff.

It's nice.

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