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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bath Time

I thought this was a good time to discuss bath time. When you have 2 kids and need to do 2 baths it is not very time smart. But not any more. Yay! I can finally bath the 2 kids togethger. No big deal right? Why couldn't I do it before? he was too small (yah right), he couldn't sit by himself (he still can't), Katheryn doens't want to share (with her brother - always). Nope it was a poop issue - but I'll get to that later - [actually I moved it to another post]. I had to take out the rubber mat in our tub (I'm not sure if it has latex), or in this picture I covered the mat with a towel.
Katheryn loves having a bath with her brother. She helps me wash him, and shows him how to play with toys. And he just lies or sits there and kicks him legs. Just kick kick kick. (He doesn't actually straigh leg kick, but he frog kicks.) But yay for bath time!

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  1. I didn't even think of the bath mat! Kingsley has had a couple baths with his sisters, but they're sort of crowded. It is a big deal to get multiple kids in the bath, I totally get that! Makes life so much easier. King lies on one of those mesh hammock things.