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Friday, March 13, 2015

Swimming lessons

We signed Nick up for swimming lessons for the winter.
This is the first alone lesson. We have always done mom -child classes, but he has outgrown that.
Group classes, and even semi-private classes are out of the question. He needs someone one-on-one who is there with him all the time.
So we booked Grandview special needs private swim lessons. So it is individualized and with people who have experience with different needs and abilities.
Nick has been very interested in swimming. He loves being in the water. He swims every week at school, and in the summer at the cottages.
He is independent in the water with his floaties on.
These pictures are from parents day when we were allowed to take pictures (and sent Katheryn out with the camera)
I want to see how we can get him out of his floaties. And he doesn't use floaties in his swim lessons.
He still needs support to keep up and concentrate on his kicking, but not too much support.

Nick has been using pool noodles to give the support but still let him put his face in the water and move his arms.
And he can balance in the water with this decreased support to move himself.

Putting his face in the water is one of the goals. Nick will do everything to try to trick and not put his face in the water.

He is getting stronger and more comfortable in the water. He isn't relying so heavily on his floaties and in the shallow water he moves around without anything on.
Nick has also been floating on his back and front, kicking and swimming. His arms he doesn't move so much still.


We got Nick's report today, he is in the Sea Otter level in the preschool Swim Kids, and has a couple of things to complete to finish it.

We have signed him up again for the spring swimming session. His goals that are left for the Sea Otter badge (or sticker) are front float and recovery, front glide, back glide and 1m front swim.

 We have signed Katheryn up for swimming in the spring as well. Unfortunately on different days (Grandview swim is only on Friday). Seeing how well Nick is doing with private lessons, we decided do private for Katheryn as well.

The kids are looking forward to all the swimming the will get this summer!

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